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this is "nightline." tonight, call it a custody battle 2.0. sofia vergara fighting with her exover their frozen embryos even though the actress has a new man and they are not the only ones. and so what happens to embryos when things fall apart. hot tubs outdoor kitchens and luxury bathrooms. celebrity real estate expert franklin is the ultimate salesman with multimillion-dollar deals that brought him happy clients and luxury lifestyle. now she sharing his secrets to secret. "star wars" celebrations. super fans rejoice. the force awakens is a month away. with the new trailer out today,
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♪ good evening.
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thank you for joining us. right now one of the world's sexiest stars is facing a decidedly modern problem. sophia vergara in a battle with her ex over embryos they froze together. surprisingly it is a question nais face manage couples. who gets to decide what happens to frozen embryos after a break up? >> reporter: sew fooee dwra vergara is in a legal battle over what some say is life or death. her exfiling a complaint in a california court to prevent their embryos from being destroyed. in november of 2013 six months before the couple broke up they used invitro fertilization to create embryos planning to eventually use a surrogate. vergara a star on "modern family" spoke to amy robach about ivf in 2013. >> i'm 40 years old.
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nothing happens that naturally anymore. we wanted to plan ahead. my boyfriend is three years younger than me and he's never had a son. i have my son so it is not that -- it's not like an emergency for me to have another kid. but for him because he's never had a baby so i wanted to make sure i already froze some eggs. i wanted to take advantage of science. why not? >> how far along are you? >> they are in the refrigerator. >> that's hilarious. hopefully they will be fresh by the time i use them. >> reporter: at the time both signed an agreement that says the embryos should be destroyed in the event of either or both of their deaths. now he says he wants them preserved at all costs and he says vergara hasn't agreed to do that. >> when you do ivf with someone particularly if you are not married, there are a lot of contracts and agreements to sign. most of the language says you
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both have to agree. he's saying well if we both have to agree, one of the things we both had to agree to was to destroying the embryos. >> reporter: while the complaint does not allege that vergara is actively trying to destroy the embryos she said she bullied and berated him in to the terms at the time. a friend says the banking dynasty heir has always ban pro--life republican who believes life begins at conception and killing these embryos is no different than killing a life. though the court documents list them as john and jane doe, they confirm the complaint involves the couple. we reached out to vergara and the clinic storing the embryos for comment but have not heard back. >> the reason the contracts for ivf are detailed it sin credibly sensitive stuff. they create very, very specific language so you avoid having
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uncertainty later. >> reporter: with more than 600,000 frozen embryos in the u.s. advances in reproductive technology are outpacing the law and battles are playing out in court. >> i'm being forced to become a father against my will. there's no question or mincing words about that. >> reporter: this 33-year-old is awaiting a ruling from the court of appeals. they broke up but his ex wants her only chance at having biological children, his. the court ruled in her favor. >> i truly did feel there was an injustice and what took place that day. my feeling and my emotions on this is i'm being put aside to say that i will become a parent without wants to become a parent. to say i will have a child without saying i want to have a child. that's the worst circumstance to bring a child in to the world. >> reporter: abc news was unable
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to reach his ex girlfriend for comment but the couple is far from alone. >> i think the idea that you are leaving your genetic prod ginny and someone can make a decision to make you a parent without your input is part of our brave technology world. >> reporter: he teaches bioethics and says ivf changed the landscape of reproductive ethics. >> in some cases they have said a parent can't forced to be a parent. in other cases, they have said the potential parent who has an infertility issue and no other way to become a parent that that right overrides a person's desire to not be a parent. from an ethical standpoint i think it is problematic to force somebody to be a parent who doesn't want that responsibility. >> reporter: according to one study, 4% of embryos are in limbo. meaning it was abandoned, the patient died or the couple split. yearly storage fees range from several hundred to a thousand dollars.
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experts say an embryo can be viable for a decade or more. even happily married can find themselves torn about what to do with their unwanted embryos. >> we were blessed with a really good baby. it felt like the world was complete. >> reporter: she got pregnant through ivf in 2006. her daughter tori is now 8. the kellogg's had eight embryos leftover. she and her husband decide they didn't want more children. she found herself with a difficult choice. >> i'm not going to say they are babies, they are not. it is because there is possibility and hope. letting go of possibility and hope in that way is a big decision. >> reporter: kellogg decided to donate her embryos to alzheimer's research the disease her mother-in-law suffers from. >> our embryos are doing good work that will hopeful live eventually help people like my mother-in-law. i had love for them even though they were not anything other than a whisper of a hope. >> reporter: these situations certainly raise complicated
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questions. but sew fear fooe upper hand. >> under the law these embryos are property. some people find it offensive but that's the reality when you sign up for ivf. the specific contracts lay out all of the rules and terms of what happens to that property. >> reporter: vergara's contract may do just that. >> the problem for him is there is specific flaj the contract that says if we can't agree what to do with the embryo it is treated as if it was abandoned. he has a very difficult argument here. he has really no argument that he is allowed to use these embryos to go and have a child without her. >> reporter: on the flip side, if vergara now 42 should want to use these embryos with her new fiance she would have to seek permission from her ex who would
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very well say no. for "nightline," linsey davis in new york. >> so what should happen after a break up? if one person wants to keep a frozen embryo and the other wants to december troit? who has the right decide head to our facebook page and join the debate. this is what multimillion-dollar real estate looks like and there is no one better than fredrik eklund to show us around. and the first new look at honor solo "star wars" fans have gotten in 32 years. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico.
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celebrity real estate agent fredrik eklund can sell anything and we mean anything. his lifestyle isn't so bad either but it's been a long road to success and tonight he is sharing his secrets to fame and fortune. here's abc's chief business and economics correspondent, rebecca jarvis. >> a lot of light. lots of sunlight. >> reporter: spending the day with fredrik eklund is no surprise that he is one of the country's most famous real estate brokers. >> push the button. >> reporter: his quirky combination of charm. >> open the doors, get the fresh air. >> reporter: business. >> $2 million. that's nice. >> reporter: sell sell sell. even if it is just a toilet. >> say you are tired in the middle of the night and you are like i just want to pee. >> reporter: has put him on top in the high-stakes world of new york real estate. >> i think i'm getting aroused.
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>> reporter: it's also made him a reality tv star. >> going to get to be a real interesting year. >> reporter: as the high kicking, high rolling power broker on bravo's "million dollar listing new york." off camera his business has exploded. how much more successful are you? >> it basically tripled but never know if it comes from the show or not. >> reporter: he and his team did $1.1 billion worth of real estate last year making him the number one broker in new york city. >> second year in a row number one. >> reporter: his high-profile business has drawn the attention of celebrity clients. he just sold sara jessica parker's townhouse, list price $19.95 million and spotted house hunting with j-lo. >> who was the most difficult? >> they are not difficult. i think the boring answer is they are people like you and me. they are at a different budget to try to find a home that works
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for them. >> reporter: with real estate hotter than ever the average price for a home now topping $1.7 million. >> this entire floor san apartment. >> reporter: many buyers paying jaw-dropping prices for a construction site. >> this is a box of glass hanging over the highway with all of this water. >> reporter: like this one in downtown manhattan. it may not look like much now, but this will one day turn in to a four-bedroom trophy apartment. >> this is open beautiful space. then then a floating staircase going up here. >> reporter: complete with a private pool on the roof. >> 13 years of doing this it surprises me how much money there is on the sidelines waiting to get in to real estate. 3.2 million. >> reporter: for every apartment he sells, fredrik eklund and his team take a commission. as the exclusive brokers they will make $110 million on just this building. >> it seems like a lot of money and of course it is but once again, 2.5 years of work and we don't get paid until the whole
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deal closes. >> reporter: and it has made him a very rich man. >> you have a place in here, right? >> yes. i bought this apartment a few floors below. >> reporter: what did your apartment cost? >> i never talk about my own pricing. i mean a few million. >> reporter: he enjoys the fruits of his labor. his main mode of transportation a chauffeur-driven range rover. >> it is a luxury but also necessary. i'm with clients all day long. take them around. >> reporter: the dresses impeccably. >> i have this fear that the 10% of your income in to clothing. >> reporter: his hair cut, well it cost $275. he gets them every three weeks. >> the hair cuts yes. they are expensive but think about it. it is a piece -- not clothing. it's a piece you wear every day. >> reporter: he insists he's just like the rest of us. >> i came here with nothing.
12:56 am
i didn't know anything about new york. never did a real estate deal in my life. >> reporter: now he is trying to pass on the secrets of his fame and fortune in his new book "the sell, a guide book on how to be the best no matter what you do for work." >> selling is universal. we are all selling. i sell real estate but no different than selling insurance or cupcakes or gym memberships. >> reporter: i put the theory to the test. >> why don't you sell me this bathroom. >> okay. so, the stone -- unbelievable. look at how it is laid to match. the hammered glass, the steel frame. i want you to experience it. >> reporter: simple tips that anyone can use to make their home look the best. >> when you are selling a home, this is what it should look like. >> this is what it should look like. >> remove everything and then put in some towels deep clean. >> i heard white towels really
12:57 am
helps. >> really helps. >> reporter: he says the real estate saying is true. >> first thing people look at always, the kitchen. >> reporter: kitchen. >> and then the master bath. i say when you are going to put something on the market renovate it before. >> reporter: he didn't always live in the fast lane. he was born in sweden and moved here knowing no one when he was 25 years old. >> my first apartment was $550,000 which was a big price point for me. >> reporter: before he made it big in real estate he starred gay porn movie. >> i was worried i would meet someone i was going to be in love with who would say huh-uh. thank god i met derek who doesn't care. he loves me. >> reporter: derek is derek kaplan, an art itself and now his husband. the two tied the knot on camera in season two of the show. they are now planning on
12:58 am
starting a family. >> i'd like us to take the next stechlt we're going to have a baby. >> i have always known i'm going to have a daughter. and her name will be milla. >> reporter: but it wouldn't be reality tv without drama. and fredrik eklund creates plenty of that. >> don't a stupid child. give me the check. >> reporter: if you could take anything back you have done over the course of all of the seasons. >> there's only one thing. i poured a green tea, kind of over him. it's not nice and really weird they did that. but it was the highest rated episode in the history of the franchise i believe. 34 million. >> reporter: for fredrik the man and moment have met and there's no better way to celebrate that than with his signature moves. >> getting better. i can tell.
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>> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. >> million dollar listing new york airs wednesday nights on bravo. next has a movie ever been this hotly anticipated? we have all of the out of this world details from the "star wars" celebration. >> announcer: abc news "nightline," broout brought to you by progressive. an drives carefully to work. and every day brian drives carefully to work, there are rate suckers. he's been paying more for car insurance because of their bad driving for so long, he doesn't even notice them anymore. but one day brian gets snapshot from progressive. now brian has a rate based on his driving, not theirs. get snapshot and see just how much your good driving could save you.
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♪ the "star wars" franchise what a lot of fame but right now the most dedicate ready gathered in california. the force awakened still months away, the moviemakers are revealing new clues.
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abc's clayton sandell is there. >> reporter: tonight the force is definitely with director j.j. abrams. >> who wants to see a new teaser? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: after revealing the latest trailer today for the force awakens at a four-day-long "star wars" celebration in anaheim. fans say it's classic abrams them new teaser gives a healthy nod to old "star wars"s no stall gentleman, luke's voice and the moment that has the whole convention and now the internet buzzing. >> we're home. >> reporter: harrison ford as han solo on the big screen for the first time since 1983. >> i love you. >> i know. >> i'm crying. it's awesome. >> every time i hear the fanfare, i get chills and tear up. >> reporter: the biggest fans hundreds of them dress up. >> do you get a lot of requests for pictures? >> i do. i have today. >> shocking. >> over at the tattoo booth, you
1:05 am
can take any character with you permanently. >> this is the scene where he's watching his homestead burn. >> reporter: most people here are pretty serious. although there are some jedis in training. >> what's darth vader do? >> he's a bad guy. >> reporter: this trailer sparked all kinds of questions about newcomers who were careful not to reveal too much plot. >> are you a bad or good guy in this movie? >> my memory is gone. >> reporter: they took the stage today with a few "star wars" originals. along with that new droid that turns out is totally real and not computer animation but can the force awaken live up to the high expectations? abrams seems to think so. >> with millions of fans all around the world, are you afraid to disappoint with this movie and how can you guarantee you'll please every single last one of them? >> well, we just will.
1:06 am
i have never had more fun working on anything. >> reporter: the rest of us will have to wait until the movie opens in december to share the fun. clayton sandell, abc news. >> 'star wars: the force awakens' will be coming in december from our parent company disney. thank you for watching abc news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow and as always we are on-line at good night, america. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> hey! hey! [laughs] [cheers and applause] welcome to millionaire. i am so glad you've joined us for this very special week where we're raising money for shriners hospitals for children! [cheers and applause]
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every time someone gets to round 2, we're donating $10,000 to shriners hospitals. it's a fantastic organization that transforms kids' lives by providing the crucial medical care they need, regardless of their family's ability to pay, and you do not want to miss friday's show, because that's when we'll have a special celebrity guest who will be donating 100% of their winnings to shriners hospitals for children! [cheers and applause] let's get this thing started. today's first contestant is a journalist for her local newspaper and is hoping to make headlines when she wins the big money. from concord, new hampshire, please welcome allie morris! [cheers and applause] >> hi. >> hi, allie. >> it's good to see you. >> how you doing? >> good. >> how are you? >> good, thanks.


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